About Us

The Delaware Karate Team is comprised of students from various schools in the state of Delaware. Team members are aged 6 to over 40 years old and have a wide range of belt ranks and skills, but they are bound by their desire to compete in local and national events to compete and improve their skills and understanding of Traditional Karate.

All members of the Delaware Karate Team must abide by the code of conduct to participate or train with other team members at the training center. Failure to follow the code of conduct will result in removal from the Delaware Karate Team. Additionally, all USA-NKF codes and rules must be followed during events and tournaments.

Members of the Delaware Karate Team have included national and international medalists.

Kata Team                Medalist James DuBois

Team Coach - Shihan Michael Graves

                                                            Michael Graves

The Delaware Karate Team was formed by Shihan Michael Graves who has been studying the martial arts for over 34 years in the style of Shuri-te/Shaolin. Some of Shihan's accomplishments include:

  • A 7th degree black belt (shichidan)
  • Ten-time International Karate Medalist
  • The 1995 USA Karate Team Captain
  • Member USA Karate Hall of Fame
  • Certified State Coach by the USA-NKF
  • Menkyo Kaiden (chosen successor) of Mahato Karate Association

How to Join

The Delaware Karate team accepts practitioners of traditional karate styles. Students of all ranks may try out for the Delaware Karate Team.
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