Athletes and Coaches


The goal of the Delaware Karate Team is to get a strong contingency of competitors to compete and win spots on the US Olympic Karate Team from Delaware. The Delaware Karate team is open to all Martial Artists from Delaware.


In 1995, the first Olympic sanctioned Karate tournament was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then another was held in 1999, the Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada. The hope is that the Olympics will introduce Karate as a competitive sport. This means that any martial artist who wishes to become an Olympic competitor must qualify for the US Olympic Karate Team. The only way to get on the team is to compete at venues sponsored by the US Olympic Committee. The only tournaments that are sponsored by the US Olympic Committee are those sanctioned by the USA National Karate-do Federation (official member of the US Olympic Committee).

Houston Events

Athletes need to become a member of the USANKF to become a member of the Delaware Team. The documents to join the USANKF are listed on the Resources Page.


Coaches from individual schools can get involved with the Team, and they bring their schools to the regional and national competitions. Club Membership applications are on the Resources Page as well.


Booster Information

The Delaware Karate Team Boosters are a group of interested parents and students who support their family and friend's interest in Karate and competitions.

The Booster club has several fundraisers each year. Many also volunteer to assist at local and national competitions. For more information about the Booster Club contact Shihan Michael Graves.